We like to play Christmas music for you.
“Uplifting experience!” Learning to play the flute after I retired has been a joy. Traveling to nursing homes and adult day cares with the band to spread the joy of music is an uplifting experience.
Joining the TC New Horizons Band was very challenging and rewarding, since I did not ever play a musical instrument. Tom Miller, my trombone coach was very encouraging. My current brass coach Karen, is very helpful and instructive and creative.
As one of the original members of theTri County New Horizons band I can say that the experience of being a member of this band has been both enriching and challenging. There is a great sense of belonging and all of our members come from varied backgrounds and have different skill levels.
Alto Saxophone
"Like a Family" I started with the band in 2004 and couldn't have made a better choice. It is a great group of people to spend 2 hours a week with. It's like a family!
Alto Saxophone

“Your Best is Good Enough”

– Prof. Roy Ernst, National Founder

Our motto is the same. There is room for everyone, and there is no pressure to progress at any particular pace or play music beyond your skill level.

We believe actively participating in music-making is a perfect way to add meaning, deep satisfaction, friendships and fun to our lives.

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