Have you ever wanted to play in a band?

Here's your chance! (Once we're through the pandemic...)

We aren't afraid of Polkas!
Enjoy your retirement with music
We like to play Christmas music for you.
The kids at daycare are fascinated by what we do.
We are the opening act for Port Washington City Band in July

Add some musical fun to your life!

Do you wish you had kept playing in your school band when you were a kid?

Or maybe you chose not to play at all when you were in school, and now wonder what you missed.

Maybe our “band club” is just what you’ve been looking for.  Learn at your own pace – no experience is required!

Did you know how good music is for you?

1. Better health
2. Improved cognitive function
3. Make new friends
4. Builds confidence
5. Develops discipline and patience
6. Enhances creativity
7. Increases connections with others
8. Builds teamwork
9. Relieves stress
10. Is fun!

(Credit to Liberty Park Music, for this great list.)

Why not give it a try!

Whether you’ve never picked up an instrument, or haven’t played since high school, we invite you to experience the fun of making music with a small group of adults just like yourself. No experience is necessary, and many of our members had not played before joining. This is a great opportunity for seniors to try something new, but we have no age limitations to join.

Need to Choose an Instrument?

You say you’ve never played an instrument, but would love to try? Check out this video from the U.S. Army Field Band that introduces all the instruments. When joining a concert band the choice of instrument can be daunting. The beautiful demonstration of sound in this YouTube link may make it easier to decide.

Harry and Steve participate in Taps Across America from a front porch on Memorial Day 2020.